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About Symonett Weight Loss Center

With over 30 years of experience, the dedicated team of medical professionals at Symonett Weight Loss Center have helped countless people from all over the country reach their goal weight and improve their health. This Colton, California, weight loss clinic welcomes clients from the surrounding areas of San Bernardino, Loma Linda, and Riverside. 

Through consistency, innovation, and education for each client, the team offers a variety of programs and procedures that have been proven to be highly effective. Weight loss packages are individually tailored based on lifestyle, health, and budget.

The team at Symonett Weight Loss Center believes that it isn’t just about following a program or doing a quick procedure, rather, it’s about developing healthy habits clients can maintain for life. Throughout the weight loss journey, clients learn healthful lifestyle changes and habits they can incorporate into daily routines to maintain weight and enhance health. 

Symonett Weight Loss Center proudly offers research-driven treatments to ensure clients have success. Between noninvasive Lipo-Light® fat reduction sessions, clinical-grade fat-burning injections, FDA-approved appetite suppressants, and so much more, clients have plenty of solutions available to reach their body goals. 

Open five days a week, Symonett Weight Loss Center provides flexible scheduling for both new and existing clients. Scheduling a consultation online or over the phone is the first step to beginning a personalized weight loss journey. 

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