10 Tips To Ease Back Into Working Out

Thinking about getting back in shape after a long hibernation? Just the thought of getting back into a regular fitness routine can be daunting, and while there’s no way around it, embracing the challenge can actually prove be a good thing! You’ll see your body transform and become stronger with each passing day and you’ll have major bragging rights for achieving your desired weight loss or fitness goal. Below are 10 tips to keep in mind as you ease back into working out and find the best fitness routine that work for you.

1. Don’t Overdo Workouts Right Away

When you dive into a rigorous workout as if you’ve been doing that routine every day for the past few months, you can easily overwhelm yourself mentally and physically cause injury. When first starting out, you’re not going to be as fit as you once were, so don’t overdo any workouts and end up feeling defeated because you were unable to keep up with the pace you once had. The ultimate goal at this phase in getting back into shape should always be moving more and working to build your way back up. Start with lower intensity workouts to reintroduce your body to the routine of working out and being more active. After a few weeks of consistent low-intensity activity your body will more easily be able to adapt to a higher-intensity workout.


2. Do Cardiovascular Endurance, Resistance and Flexibility Exercises

When you’re getting back into shape and trying to find a fitness routine that works for you, your fitness plan should include the key component exercises that focus cardiovascular endurance, resistance training and flexibility. When all three components are included, you’ll have the most longevity and will physically position yourself to reach your goals in a healthy way.


3. Make Sure To Take Those Rest Days!

It’s not a wise move to start working out every day of the week for the sake of getting back into the swing of working out. You’ll need recovery time and it’s important for your body if you want to experience long-term health and wellness. Be mindful that realistically you’re probably not planning on working out 6-7 days a week on a regular basis, so doing this just to feel accomplished won’t do much for you. Do your mind and body a favor and take those much needed replenishment rest days.


4. Start With a Good Warm Up and End With a Good Cool Down

Any good warm-up will prep your body for the increase in activity it’s going to experience when working out and a cool-down will allow your body to relax and your heart rate will return to its normal beating pace. Your muscles haven’t been exercised in a while and most likely will ache a few days after your workout. By warming up and cooling down you’ll be able to reduce the soreness you may have and there will be healthy transitions throughout each phase of the workout.


5. Don’t Forget To Stretch!

Stretching is tremendously important when you’re getting back into any fitness routine. Both warmups and cool downs should include a variety of stretches tailored towards the areas you’re exercising and increasing activity. Stretches done daily will always be a great benefit to your body, even if you’re not one to work out regularly.


6. Go At Your Own Pace

The quality of your workout will always beat the number of times you work out and this is especially true when you ease back into working out. Don’t rush the movements you make and pay attention to your body’s response to the movements. Taking it slow will always be the better option than being injured, which will not only hurt you, but slow you down from reaching your fitness goal.


7. Focus On Your Form

Take the time to focus on your form and how you’re breathing. Make sure you’re performing the exercise move the right way so each movement counts. Once again, the quality of the exercise will always triumph over the quality.


8. If You’re Tired, Enjoy Getting More Sleep

Working out takes both time and energy so it’s normal to feel a little tired after a good workout. Sometimes that feeling of fatigue can even linger throughout the day. If this is the case, it wouldn’t   hurt to add a few extra z’s into your schedule. You can opt for “lights out” a little earlier on some days or hit the snooze button a couple of times if it helps with increased energy.


9. Find a Motivation Buddy

If you’re really trying to make working out something regular in your lifestyle, finding a friend who already works out consistently can help motivate you and keep you accountable. If you’d rather get fit with another friend who has fitness rejuvenation goals just like you, that’s OK too.


10. Stay Focused

To stay focused, make sure your expectations are realistic. Give yourself a realistic time-frame to see the results you desire and be specific about how you plan to achieve the goal. Create a fitness plan that will allow a smooth transition of workout frequencies and before you know it, workouts on a regular basis will be normal in your lifestyle as a result of your genuine planning and goal setting.


You should always consult with a trusted health care professional before starting this or any other fitness program to determine if it is right for your unique fitness needs.

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