How to Reduce Urges for Snacking While Losing Weight

According to a September 2016 article from Advances in Nutrition, most people get about 33% of their calories from snacks. Though there’s nothing wrong with snacking, most people elect to eat high-calorie, nutrient-poor snack foods in between meals. 

You can eat snacks and lose weight. However, it can be hard to resist those unhealthy snack treats if they’re your go-to foods for dealing with stress, boredom, or loneliness. 

At Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, our weight-loss expert, Dr. Elmer Symonett, has been helping people all over the country reach their weight goals for 30 years.

We understand the urges you feel for unhealthy snacking while you’re trying to lose weight, so we want to provide some tips on how to reduce your cravings. 

Tip 1: Have a plan

When you make the decision that you’re ready to lose weight, you may not know where or how to start. We offer a comprehensive 10-week program that provides all the tools and support you need to reach your weight goals and stay there. 

Though we offer many tips and tricks for helping you lose weight, when it comes to reducing your urge to eat unhealthy snacks, we recommend you take a little time to plan ahead. 

Sit down and decide what you’re going to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks over the next week. Then make a grocery list and hit the store or order your groceries online. 

Having a meal plan and your kitchen stocked with healthy choices may help prevent unhealthy snacking. 

If you’re struggling to create a meal plan, we can help with our dietary counseling

Tip 2: Load up on protein and fiber

Though your emotions may play a role in unhealthy snack urges, your hunger pangs don’t help. To keep your appetite under control, we recommend you pack your meals and snacks with foods high in protein and fiber. Both of these nutrients slow down digestion, keeping you full longer.

During your dietary counseling session, our nutrition specialist can help you create satiating meals and snacks. 

Tip 3: Keep snacks snack-size

Many dieters think they need to omit snacks from their meal plan when they’re trying to lose weight. But making snacks a part of your day may help control hunger and prevent overeating at meal times.

The trick with snacking and weight loss is that you need to keep your snacks snack-size. What does that mean? The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that when following a weight-loss diet you keep your snacks to 200 calories or fewer. 

Some snack ideas include:

Though it’s OK to eat a treat every now and again when you’re on a weight-loss diet, most of your snacks should come from nutrient-rich foods like lean protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Consider a little help with curbing your appetite

Even if you do everything right, you may still experience hunger pangs and the intense urge to snack on not-so-healthy foods. That’s why we offer prescription-strength appetite suppressants to curb your appetite, keep you feeling full longer, and decrease your cravings. 

We also use natural supplements for appetite control and a metabolism boost.

There’s no need to cut snacks from your diet when you’re losing weight. In fact, healthy snacking may help control your cravings for high-fat, sugary snacks. 

There’s a lot of misinformation about dieting and weight loss, which is why it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off. For a safe and effective weight-loss plan designed just for you, contact our office today by calling or booking an appointment online. 

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