Is Weight Loss from 80 Percent Diet and 20 Percent Exercise a Real Thing?

You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule for weight loss, haven’t you? You know; those percentages that pop up on Google or Yahoo when you search “is diet or exercise more important to lose weight”. Well, what exactly does the 80/20 diet and exercise rule entail? Equally important, what does it mean for you regarding your weight loss journey?

The 80/20 ratio stands for 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise and Women’s Health Magazine shares insight on why understanding this ratio is important to reach your ultimate weight loss and fitness goals.


Here’s What They Had To Say…

The source informs that what you eat actually matters a lot more than how you decide to work it off. Likewise, by participating in regular fitness routines the chances of pushing past weight loss stumps will greatly increase.

When attempting to lose weight, it’s fundamental to understand in order to achieve your desired goals you’ll need to attain a negative energy balance daily. A negative energy balance is simply taking in fewer calories than you burn. While both diet and exercise are important, the experts who collaborate with Women’s Health Mag also mention the importance of primarily focusing on diet when trying to lose weight. It’s instructed to always remember that the body will tend to resist weight loss when eating less. This resistance can lead to the body experiencing what’s known as a plateau.

A plateau refers what medical doctor Holly F. Lofton, M.D., director of the medical weight management program at the NYU Langone Medical Center says is a real thing and is a biological process known as starvation mode. The technical terms, metabolic adaptation and adaptive thermogenesis both refer to lowered metabolism and the body experiencing a plateau. This plateau or starvation mode occurs when calories are cut too low and the body hangs onto the calories received instead of burning them. Frighteningly, this means you’ll actually gain pounds rather than lose them—but don’t panic! This is, in fact, a natural process.

You can easily prevent starvation mode from interfering with your weight-loss plan by building muscle as you lose weight. By incorporating strength training stored fat can be used as a source of energy. This goes for both strength and cardio workouts. Exercise will also help re-boost your metabolism, something that is certain to slow down from cutting the calories from your diet. Dr. Lofton warns that women should never go lower than consuming 1,200 calories a day as the consequences can be quite alarming. “At that point women can experience hair loss, a drop in body temperature, extreme fatigue, and other adverse symptoms because the body drastically slows its metabolic processes.”


The Bottom Line

Diet and exercise will be best at any stage of the weight loss process. Sticking to the commitment of the change is difficult. Finding the right balance for your individual needs and goals will also pose a challenge and is essential to understand from the very beginning. While the idea of seeing yourself in your newly transformed body can be very motivating and exciting, making major changes in your lifestyle without the proper education from an expert can reward dire consequences that are downright scary. Consulting with a health and wellness professional that will identify the healthiest changes to make when making major lifestyle changes is no less than vital. Speak to a qualified expert at our Colton office to determine the best approach for you and accelerate your weight loss and health goal achievement in a safe, healthy manner.

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