The Role of Natural Supplements in Weight Loss

Despite what the ads say, losing weight and keeping it off isn’t easy. It’s estimated that 80-95% of people who lose weight gain it back. 

For more than 30 years, our medical weight-loss expert, Dr. Elmer Symonett at Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, has helped thousands of people all over the country to lose weight and keep it off.

Why have we succeeded where so many others have failed? Our 10-week program includes many effective strategies and tools, like natural supplements, to help you combat the common weight-loss saboteurs of hunger and cravings. 

Getting the most benefits with natural supplements

In order to function at its best, your body needs a consistent supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Through dietary counseling, we help you design a meal plan that maximizes your nutrient intake. 

However, when following a reduced-calorie diet, you may not be able to get all the essential nutrients you need to support health, maintain energy, and help you drop those unwanted pounds. We provide a full line of clinical-grade dietary supplements made from whole foods to complement your healthy diet plan.

Because our supplements are made from whole foods, your body tolerates the supplements and efficiently absorbs the nutrients they contain. 

Natural supplements for weight loss

Though we offer a number of natural supplements to fit a wide range of health and wellness needs, our focus is weight loss. When you participate in your 10-week program, we may add natural supplements that support your weight loss by boosting your metabolism or keeping your hunger pangs away.

Some of the natural weight-loss supplements we use include:

You should never add natural weight-loss supplements to your daily routine before discussing it with your primary care provider because some supplements interact with prescription medications and shouldn’t be taken together. 

When you come in to see us for a weight-loss consultation we conduct a comprehensive evaluation to fully understand your health and weight-loss needs. Then we only recommend the natural supplements that complement your weight loss efforts and support your health and wellness needs.

Boosting energy and fat burning with vitamin injections

When it comes to losing weight, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your goals. In addition to the natural supplements you take at home, we also offer lipotropic shots.

These shots contain a mix of nutrients that suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and stimulate fat burning. The nutrients include:

To jump-start your weight loss, we may recommend weekly lipotropic shots. Then, once you get closer to your goal weight, we may reduce the injections to once or twice a month.

Weight loss is hard, and no single method works for all. We use natural supplements to complement your weight-loss program. 

Whether you’re struggling to keep a lid on your cravings or the weight isn’t dropping as quickly as you’d like, natural supplements may be the tool that helps you finally reach your weight-loss goals.

Let us help you drop those unwanted pounds for good. Contact us today by phone or book an appointment online to learn more about our medical weight-loss program. 



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