Tips To Hike The Hollywood Sign

I think it’s pretty safe to say when anyone thinks of California, there’s one particular region that almost always comes to mind … and that is HOLLYWOOOOOOOD! Notable as the home of the film industry in entertainment, including magical amusement parks and several historic studios, Hollywood has come to be a household name for the industry and the people associated with it. Curbed L.A. has been kind enough to keep locals and visitors in the area updated on ways to stay fit while in Hollywood and have shown us the best hikes and viewing options to successfully hike the Hollywood sign.



Hiking to the Hollywood sign is a great way locals of Los Angeles, surrounding counties and California visitors can capitalize on the joy of being in the celebrated neighborhood, keep fitness in-check and catch some astonishing views to store in your memory box or post on your favorite social media channel. If you’re in the area over any given weekend, why not give it a shot? Speaking from personal experience, this is one of those hikes you’ll absolutely love and won’t want to miss.

It’s always advised to consult with a health and wellness professional before undertaking any type of fitness routine to see if it is right for you. To schedule an appointment at our Colton office and assess your health and fitness levels from a body composition assessment, contact our office at (909) 786-9213 or schedule an appointment online.

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