Want to Say Goodbye to Stubborn Belly Fat? Give Lipo-Light a Try

Are you plagued with extra weight that hasn’t yielded to diet and exercise? Maybe it’s time to give Lipo-Light a try.

Lipo-Light uses LED lights to burn body fat in your belly, stomach, love-handles, and other hard-to-reduce areas. It’s a painless alternative to liposuction that requires no downtime.

The body contouring specialists at Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, are skilled at performing personalized Lipo-Light treatments in the office.

Here’s how the treatment can get rid of stubborn belly fat.

What is body sculpting?

Let’s face it: Losing weight is hard, and almost everyone hits a roadblock or plateau on their way to reaching their goal weight. Even if you lose weight, you might not lose it in the spots you most want to reduce.

Body sculpting focuses on reducing particular spots on your body. It isn’t a weight-loss tool. Rather, Lipo-Light is a sculpting tool that focuses only on the areas that you want to improve.

Lipo-Light explained

In the past, liposuction was the most popular way of getting rid of fat in particular places. Liposuction, however, comes with pain and a weeks-long recovery period.

Lipo-Light uses LED lights and the body’s own chemistry to eliminate certain fat cells. 

When your body needs energy, your brain sends a message to adipose tissue (AKA fat) to break down stored fat. Lipo-Light targets fat cells that absorb specific wavelengths of light, which forces adipose tissue cells to lose their round shape and release an enzyme that breaks down fat into even smaller pieces. When fat is smaller, it can slip out of the cell through pores that have formed and enter the bloodstream. 

What to expect from Lipo-Light sessions

During Lipo-Light sessions, four to eight light pads are strapped into place around the target area. LED lights in each pad break down fat cells while you relax. Sessions last around 20 minutes.

After your session, you exercise, which signals your body to use the fatty cells already in your bloodstream for energy. 

Lipo-Light only uses light, which makes the procedure noninvasive and pain-free. However, if you don’t have the time or inclination to exercise, this type of body sculpting isn’t a good fit for you. But, if you already have made exercise a part of your life, or you’re willing to start working out, Lipo-Light can be helpful in getting rid of stubborn fat in your belly, thighs, back, and arms.

When you’re ready to add some oomph to your weight loss routine, give Lipo-Light a try. You can schedule an appointment by calling the Symonett Weight Loss Center at 909-285-2357 or by using our online booking tool.

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