What is Oxygen Elements® Max and How Can it Help You?

Have you ever wondered why you can go for a few days or weeks without food and water, but you can’t survive more than a few minutes without air? That’s because you can store food and water, but not oxygen. You need a constant supply of fresh oxygen every minute of your life in order to convert your food and water to energy, renew your cells, and flush out toxic waste. 

For years, people have been trying to increase their oxygen intake to accelerate these metabolic processes and amp up their energy, healing, and overall health. That’s why oxygen bars started popping up in trendy cities. But the problem with this delivery system is that it gives you a burst of oxygen that quickly subsides. As soon as the oxygen source is gone (or soon thereafter) the benefits fade as well.

But Dr. Elmer Symonett at Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, has a better way to gain the benefits of increased oxygen in a more sustainable form — Oxygen Elements® Max.

Who needs Oxygen Elements Max?

If you’re a human living in a developed country in the 21st century, odds are you need Oxygen Elements Max. Even if you’re in great shape and eat a healthy diet, it’s unlikely you’ve been able to avoid all toxic chemicals and environments 100% of the time. 

You may know that food preservatives and colorings can be harmful over time, but you may be surprised to learn some of the packaged food you eat and drink is full of chemicals you didn’t know were there because they’re labeled as “natural” flavorings or additives. Even the air you breathe and the water you drink isn’t completely clean.

When you consume these foreign chemicals, your body reacts by trying to attack them and get rid of them, but sometimes the outcome is a win for the bad guys. Nitrites, nitrates, bisphenols, and perchlorates are all found in things we eat and drink every day, and they mess with your hormones, thyroid, weight, brain activity, and blood’s ability to get oxygen to your body and brain. 

This is called oxygen depletion, and it makes you feel sluggish, gain weight, have a foggy brain, and heal slowly. Oxygen Elements Max counteracts the negative effects of the environment and the toxic chemicals in your food and drink to turn your body back into a self-renewing, energetic machine.

How Oxygen Elements Max works

Oxygen Elements Max is a liquid you add to your water in small doses (2-7 drops depending on various factors). Ironically, Oxygen Elements Max contains no oxygen per se. What it does contain is a complex blend of digestive and metabolic enzymes, amino acids, and trace minerals that perform a life-changing trick inside your body.

When you add the Oxygen Elements Max drops to your water and ingest it, the supplement reacts by separating the hydrogen and oxygen components of the water molecules. Now, you have free-flowing oxygen in your bloodstream ready to empower your cells. 

And that’s important because all your essential bodily functions start at the cellular level, and when they’re low on oxygen, they can’t do their jobs. But when you feed them Oxygen Elements Max, you give them a fighting chance. Here’s a partial list of the many possible benefits from this supplement:

One of the best aspects of Oxygen Elements Max is its potential ability to help you prevent and fight disease. Your immune cells, called phagocytes, rely heavily on oxygen. When you give them a boost, they kick into high gear.

Also, most parasites, fungi, bacteria, and viruses are anabolic, which means they can’t live in the presence of oxygen. Flooding your bloodstream with Oxygen Elements Max may rid your body of certain disease-causing critters.

To find out if Oxygen Elements Max is right for you, call us at 909-285-2357 or book an appointment online. Our team of experts will thoroughly evaluate your health and determine the best dose and treatment plan and monitor your progress every step of the way.

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