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Combo injections are fat-burning and metabolism-boosting shots that are incorporated into your customized weight loss plan. At Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, you can receive combo shots to jumpstart your weight loss journey and help you lose weight fast. Find out how these body-transforming injections can help you by booking a consultation either online or over the phone today.

Combo Shots Q & A

What are combo shots?

Combo shots contain a purified blend of ingredients designed to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off for good. Some of the components of combo shots are described below.

Human chorionic gonadotropin

Human chorionic gonadotropin, more commonly known as “hCG,” is a natural human hormone that mobilizes and distributes fat. The hCG component of the combo shot helps your body more efficiently utilize and burn stored fat, helping you drop pounds and inches fast. 

Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B-12 is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. This powerful vitamin can boost your metabolism and helps your body more efficiently break down and absorb carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is another metabolism-boosting vitamin to further power carbohydrate, fat, and protein digestion. This vitamin is highly effective for controlling your weight. 

How can combo shots help me lose weight?

By combining hCG, B-12, and B-6 into a clinical-grade combo shot, the team at Symonett Weight Loss Center finds that most clients are able to lose weight faster. Not only do these injections stimulate your metabolism, but they can also:

  • Result in faster weight loss
  • Help you keep the weight off
  • Increase your energy levels


Combo shots also help you stay on track. By watching that number on the scale go down quickly and feeling how your clothes are looser, you should feel highly motivated to stick to your diet and exercise plan from Symonett Weight Loss Center. 

How often can I get a combo shot?

It depends on your personalized weight loss plan. Your practitioner from Symonett Weight Loss Center may recommend coming to the clinic as often as once a week for the first few months to help jumpstart your weight loss.

As you get closer to your goal weight, you may only need a combo shot about once a month for weight stabilization. Combo shots are also perfectly safe to have as needed anytime you need an extra boost in energy or weight loss.

Learn more about the powerful benefits of combo shots by booking an appointment at Symonett Weight Loss Center today. Click on the online scheduler, or call to speak with a team member. 

Individual results may vary.