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Vibration therapy is a highly effective treatment for preventing bone loss, increasing muscle mass, improving blood circulation, and more. At Symonett Weight Loss Center in Colton, California, you can undergo vibra therapy treatments right in the office. Find out how this innovative treatment can enhance your health by booking a consultation online or by calling the clinic directly to speak with a team member.

Vibra Therapy Q & A

How can vibra therapy help me?  

Vibra therapy is an entirely painless, noninvasive treatment that promotes natural healing by exposing your body to gentle vibrations. As vibrations are transmitted through your body, your muscles quickly contract and relax. Certain vibrations also stimulate the production of osteoblasts, which are necessary for producing bone.

Undergoing vibration therapy treatments through the whole body or localized vibration sessions can:

  • Alleviate stress
  • Increase bone density
  • Enhance muscle mass
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Reduce joint and back pain
  • Prevent muscle soreness  


Vibra therapy can also enhance your metabolism and help boost your weight loss efforts. Early clinical research even shows that vibra therapy may be helpful for decreasing muscle tremors and rigidity if you have Parkinson's disease. 

What happens during a vibra therapy session?

When you come to Symonett Weight Loss Center for your vibra therapy session, your provider talks with you about what to expect. Depending on what you’d like to treat, you’re either going to need to stand, sit, or lie on the vibration machine. It’s also common to need to stand in a half-squat position with your knees slightly bent. 

Once you’re in position, your provider turns the system on — starting at a low level — so you can get used to how the vibrations feel. The system sends out vibrations in various directions as you hold your position for a set period of time (usually about 10 minutes). 

Even though vibra therapy isn’t painful and doesn’t require any downtime, treatments can certainly get your heart rate going. It’s helpful (but not required) to wear loose-fitting or workout clothing to your session. 

How often do I need vibra therapy?

It just depends on your underlying condition and how quickly you heal. It’s common for vibra therapy treatment plans from Symonett Weight Loss Center to incorporate sessions once or twice a week. 

As you start experiencing results, your provider may recommend coming in less often for maintenance vibra therapy sessions. In any case, your vibra therapy treatment plan is entirely tailored to you.

Click on the online scheduler to book your vibra therapy session at Symonett Weight Loss Center today. You can also book an appointment over the phone. 

Additional Benefits

Bone density and muscle strength

An article published in the journal Clinical Rehabilitation reviewed the research on vibration therapy’s effects on muscle strength and bone mass. The authors found evidence that vibration therapy can help improve leg muscle strength in older adults. They found no significant evidence that it improves bone density in older adults.

More recent research described in Current Osteoporosis Reports and Current Opinion in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Obesity has been more promising. The findings suggest that vibration therapy may help stimulate bone formation and improve bone strength. The intensity of vibrations may affect whether or not it’s effective. More studies are needed.

Muscle pain

According to research published in the Journal of Athletic Training, whole-body vibration therapy may help prevent muscle soreness after exercise. The authors note that more research is needed.

Parkinson’s disease

A study reported in NeuroRehabilitation suggests that vibration therapy may have short-term benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease. For example, it may help decrease muscle tremors and rigidity. More research is needed to assess the long-term effects.

Individual results may vary.


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